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Dimensional Color

Color & Highlight - This service is for guests looking for a new foundation color and highlights all at once. We will apply a base color to all of your hair while simultaneously placing highlights throughout for a multi dimensional look.  $91

All over color - This service is for guests wanting a new single color from root to ends. $81

Express Color - This is a perfect service for current guests who are on a time constraint and need a color retouch in an hour from start to first. For example, guests who have less that 2 inches of new growth and would like to come over their lunch hour to match their regrowth to their ends. $79

*all prices are starting points. Prices may vary depending on length, density or additional product needed.



Partial Highlight or Balayage - this service is for a guest who doesn’t currently have highlights. We will be strategically placing highlights around your face and throughout the top of your hair for added dimension. $86


Full Highlight or Balayage - this service is for a guest who currently doesn’t have highlights. We will be brightening up your hair with strategically placed highlights throughout your entire head. $96



Add ons

Wax - Shaping of the eyebrows or removal of hair from the upper lip or the chin area by warm wax. $12


Deep Conditioning Treatment - A specialized intensive nourishing treatment to add extra moisture, protein and radiance to your hair. $8


Scalp Treatment - A rejuvenating and exfoliating treatment to cleanse and moisturize a dry scalp. Perfect for guests experiencing dry, flaky or itching scalps. $14


Wellness Treatment - This treatment is specifically for clients that have issues with their home water leaving build up on their hair. If you feel you have extremely hard water and it is leaving a coating on your hair we can help with this detoxifying treatment specifically formulated to battle the mineral build up caused from hard water found in a lot of well water in our area. In most cases this treatment can remove an unwanted brassy color caused from the hard water build up. $14


Special Occasion

Special Occasion Style - This service is specifically for formal events. Guests should arrive with clean or 1 day old dry hair and will receive a formal hairstyle that is either swept up, half up or styled down. Prices will vary depending on the length of the hair and the intricacy of the style. $65

Bridal Package - This package of services includes an appointment for a trial run of a special occasion hair style as well as a style for the day of the wedding. $125

Please note:

At this time I am unable to accpet new guests for stand alone haircut services. All of the color services listed above will have adequate time built into the appointment time for a haircut if desired.

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